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, February 18, 2015.

Since today in our offer beers from brewery in Hoegaarden, Belgium, the producer of a well-known wheat beer.

Types of Hoegaarden beer:
Wheat beer
First brewed in 1445 Hoegaarden is a witbier and is spiced with coriander and orange peel. It is unfiltered and therefore has a cloudy appearance. In many bars, it is customarily drunk with a slice of lemon. It has an alcoholic content of 4.9%.[5] Rosée
Launched in 2007, 3% ABV. Available in the Benelux.[6] Citron
Launched in 2008, 3% ABV.
Grand Cru
Launched in 1985, 8.5% ABV.
An 8.8% blonde ale, with a dry taste formed through triple-hopping.
Forbidden fruit
(French: Fruit Defendu. Flemish: Verboden Vrucht) An 8.8% dark ale, with complex spicing.
A 5% spiced amber ale, from a 1931 recipe.
Launched in 1995, 5.7% ABV. Hoegaarden Spéciale is a full-bodied, rich Belgian-style wheat beer. It has a characteristic fruity taste and clear spicy notes of clove and coriander. Slightly citrus and rounded off by a smoky, sweet vanilla quality, its sweet and sour flavour is well balanced. Spéciale is averagely bitter but with hardly any aftertaste. It is available from October to January.


Source: Wikipedia


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